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The Annedore-Leber-Oberschule is a vocational school with special educational function of the county town Berlin. The school is in legal charge of vocational preparation courses and of apprentices in institutions of vocational rehabilitation.

The specific status of the school enables the institution to form classes with a smaller student number and with a higher amount of lessons per week than usual.

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The education includes 12 to 14 lessons a week. In addition to the vocational subjects, social studies and sports/health education are part of the timetable. In all classes of vocational preparation courses and in some training classes, German is also taught, in addition. When staff is available, the Annedore-Leber-Oberschule gives additional classes to deepen vocational and general education subjects.

A lot of colleagues have many years of experience in teaching with disabled students. They regularly attend further educational courses with technical and pedagogical aspects. An emphasis is put on the area of specific and therapeutic pedagogy. Some teachers achieved specific qualifications for handicaped people at university. The Annedore-Leber- Oberschule is a training school for teacher training candidates with vocational and special educational subjects.

The cooperation between our school and companies, which instruct trainees, is an important part. A good example is the realization of pedagogical case reviews and the planning of supportive programmes. These meetings take place with instructors, social workers, doctors, psychologists and teachers. Another part of the work is the coordinating training regulations and curricula as well as planning and having common projects between the institutions of vocational rehabilitation and our school. These aspects are an essential part of our pedagogical work. The close cooperation between teachers and instructors is a chance to develop a common focus on contents and methods which improve the decision-making and responsibility of our students.

Key aspects of our cooperation are: The faculty and the principal of the Annedore-Leber-Oberschule are committed to their students in all educational courses and all occupations to convey a broad professional competence taking into account the handling of modern communication technologies.

Our goal is to empower and to educate our pupils in language skills, to think in contexts, in flexibility, in accuracy, reliability, punctuality and in responsibility. Therefore, they will be qualified for their future career and social requirements. They are integrated into society through this qualification. This concern is additionally supported by the school-law of Berlin. Under certain conditions, it is possible for successfully graduates of an apprenticeship, to obtain equivalence of a school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss, erweiterter Hauptschulabschluss oder auch mittlerer Schulabschluss).

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